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Tue March 10 th 2020
12:00PM - 8:00PM

The Solution

The Time

Is Now

Every student should have a seat and experience school in the right ways and the safest ways. The average age of the infrastructure addressed in the Referendum is 61-years-old. Our students need their schools to be updated and renovated to better provide great education, improve safety, and accommodate for the future growth in students in the years to come.


Year-Old Buildings


Students Without a Seat


Outdoor Trailers


Converted Closets


Hallway Classrooms

A Seat for

Every Child

Over the past six years, the Edison School District has seen our student population grow an average of 377 children per year. This has created logistical challenges that impact students’ educational experience, teaching environment and safety. Because of this, your Board of Education is presenting a referendum that will make critical improvements to six of our nineteen schools within the district – improvements that will provide needed relief from overcrowding to the entire school body while bringing our educational environment into the 21st century.


Schools to Update


New Classrooms


Science Labs


Specialized Instruction Rooms


1. Address

Growth Impact

  • The plan aims to improve circulation and access throughout the buildings.
  • The need for detached trailers will be eliminated, allowing for more classroom space as well as eliminating carts used for specials classes.
  • Needed upgrades and additions to cafeterias and gymnasiums, allowing students to have time for a satisfying lunch as well as better instruction and activities in new gym space.

2. Plan for Future

Growth & Change

  • As the elementary schools’ enrollment starts to level out, our middle schools and high schools will increase in student population. This plan will allow us to get ahead of the growth, ensuring room for everyone.
  • Edison is one of less than 10% of the school districts in New Jersey to provide half-day kindergarten. With these changes, we will be able to provide full-day kindergarten for your children.

3. Upgrade Safety,

Security, & Access

  • The plan aims to improve circulation, access and supervision.
  • The need for detached trailers will be eliminated, further improving safety as students will no longer need to leave the building.
  • Needed upgrades also include more secure entryways and lobby vestibules, enhanced student pickup and drop-off locations, and an increase in parking space.

4. Improve

Educational Adequacy

  • Along with the expanded capacity, the passing of this Referendum would allow the district to match the key educational offerings of our surrounding school districts to meet requirements set by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.
  • These offerings include full-day kindergarten, art, music, and multipurpose activities, improved science labs, gymnasium space, and small group learning classrooms.

Simple. Classes will grow even more overcrowded, our school ratings will be negatively impacted, additional trailers will be added at the taxpayers’ expense, our high schools may need to break into split schedules (double sessions) – imagine trying to get a full high school education in half the time as other high schools in NJ provide – and the proposed important safety upgrades will not move forward.