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Tue March 10 th 2020
12:00PM - 8:00PM

Lincoln Elementary School


Students Without Seat

Over the Next 5 Years

The Referendum Plans For

Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School’s current student enrollment exceeds the state recommended operational capacity by over 200 students. Major improvements are anticipated through the referendum for Lincoln Elementary School. Expanding our school district’s elementary buildings could bring full-day kindergarten to our town and the new additions would eliminate the need for the 2 double-trailers that currently houses 4 classrooms.

Lincoln Elementary School has a current District Practice Operational Capacity of 762 including its four trailer classrooms. Its enrollment is 906 students, which results in a current capacity gap of 163 students plus 43 trailer students. The new rooms shall increase the District Practice capacity to accommodate the capacity gap and improve operations.

  • The referendum plans to move, but preserve, the current playground to provide more parking.
  • Currently, there are 30 kids per classroom when it should be a maximum of 21.
  • Half-day kindergarten effects the growth in education, putting them behind academically than most full-day kindergarten students.
  • Foreign language, art, and music classes are all taught from carts.
  • If it is not a nice day and the kids can’t partake in outdoor gym activities, the kids stay in the same classroom all day. This not only effects their performance but their psyche as well.
  • If the referendum fails to obtain its votes, the school will have to convert the custodian room into a classroom. This will not only barely alleviate the issue, but the custodians will have nowhere to go.
  • Security will be upgraded along with the front desk, making it easier for parents to get to where they need to and for the children to be more protected.
  • Electricity has to be rationed. Only a handful of classrooms have AC and it can’t run all the time due to weak electricity.
  • The kitchen is nonexistent. Currently, pre-made meals are delivered to the school. Three women use a converted closet to reheat all the students’ meals, and they have to eat at their desks with about 15 minutes to eat.
  • Special education and related services takes place in the hallway and can only fit 1-2 kids per session due to the small space.
  • 9 additional classrooms, including new kindergarten classrooms and small group instruction room
  • 1 new multipurpose gymnasium with stage
  • Upgraded cafeteria with new kitchen
  • Outdoor improvements such as sidewalks, parking, and access to building (including an upgraded entry to increase security)
  • Renovated office and work spaces
  • Air conditioning in all new construction

The additions and renovations are not only improving the students’ quality of education, but also improving the community. The overcrowding is due to the fact that many people want to move to Edison because of the school district. However, if the schools are forced to utilize more trailers and come up with more short-term solutions, less people will want to move to Edison, resulting in the decrease of the value of your home. This referendum will create a better learning environment and continue to positively affect the community.