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Tue March 10 th 2020
12:00PM - 8:00PM

John P Stevens High School


Students Without Seat

Over the Next 5 Years

The Referendum Plans For

John P Stevens High School

John P. Stevens High School’s current student enrollment exceeds the state recommended operational capacity by over 500 students. As students move through the school system over the next 5 years, that number is estimated to increase by another 500 students. Expanding our school district’s high school buildings will preserve the quality of our education by preserving full-day class schedules for our high school students instead of requiring split schedules (double session). Additions would eliminate the need for the 3 trailers that are currently used as classroom space and the future need for additional trailers, which would take up parking space.

JP Stevens High School has a current District Practice Operational Capacity of 2,101 including three trailer classrooms. Its 10-Year enrollment projection is 3,026 students, which results in a projected capacity gap of 925 students. The new rooms shall increase the District Practice capacity to accommodate the capacity gap and improve functional operations. John P. Stevens High School will see substantial renovations through the referendum that will not only address current overcrowding issues, but also improve the educational quality of our students as they prepare for college.

  • The current layout of school leads to multiple bottlenecks during the time between classes. ‘Common areas’ presented the referendum will not only serve as student multi-purpose space but will replace these bottlenecks with large areas that smooth student flow and traffic.
  • There is currently no room in the building that can fit their entire student body.
  • The classroom trailers are not in the ideal shape to hold an instructive classroom full of students.
  • Due to lack of space, study hall happens in the auditorium, leaving students in close proximity within movie-theater style seats. Without proper desk space or quiet area, the students use this as a social period rather than an opportunity to do work. The seats cannot be replaced with age as the company no longer exists that makes them, so they deteriorate over time with no way of replacing them.
  • 33 new classrooms
  • 6 state-of-the-art science laboratories
  • 1 music technology/guitar recording lab
  • 2 new special education classrooms
  • Improved fitness center, main gym upgrades, and an additional gymnasium
  • Upgraded media center (library)
  • Improved outdoor parking, sidewalks, and building access (including an upgraded lobby and café area with security)
  • Cafeteria/commons area with satellite kitchen
  • Additional rooms for small group instruction and college and career center area
  • Upgraded office suite and guidance office
  • Renovated corridors to increase safety
  • Air conditioning in all new construction

The additions and renovations are not only improving the students’ quality of education, but also improving the community. The overcrowding is due to the fact that many people want to move to Edison because of the school district. However, if the schools are forced to utilize more trailers and come up with more short-term solutions, less people will want to move to Edison, resulting in the decrease of the value of your home. This referendum will create a better learning environment and continue to positively affect the community.