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Tue March 10 th 2020
12:00PM - 8:00PM

John Adams Middle School


Students Without Seat

Over the Next 5 Years

The Referendum Plans For

John Adams Middle School

John Adams Middle School’s current student enrollment exceeds the state recommended operational capacity by over 40 students. Referendum improvements for John Adams Middle School would include the discontinued use of trailers currently being used as classrooms.

John Adams Middle School has a current District Practice Operational Capacity of 918 including its two trailer classrooms. Its 5-Year enrollment projection is 1,092 students, which results in a projected capacity gap of 174 students plus 41 trailer students. The new rooms shall increase the District Practice capacity to accommodate the gap and improve operations.

  • The cafeteria has limited space and rushed eating time.
  • Gym classes are overcrowded with 135-140 students and only 2 teachers
  • Closet space is being used as offices for faculty.
  • A small trailer is used as the orchestra room, preventing the entire band from being able to practice together.
  • Students with disabilities have to remain on the first floor because there isn’t an elevator to reach the second. If a class has a child enrolled in a second floor class, the entire classroom has to relocate.
  • The new lobby, canopy, and guarded entrance will increase security.
  • The new vocal and instrumental room will replace trailers.
  • With the new classrooms, learning will take place in assigned rooms instead of hallways.
  • The science classroom is so old, a glass cabinet shattered just from using it as storage and opening the door. It has been temporarily replaced with plywood, which will be totally replaced in a newly renovated science room.
  • 7 general classrooms
  • 2 state-of-the-art science laboratories
  • 1 orchestra music room
  • An additional 1-story auxiliary gym
  • HVAC upgrades to the existing main gym
  • Renovated office suit, new office space, storage space, and support space
  • Improved outdoor space and access to building, including upgraded entry to increase security, expanded sidewalks, and a new canopy
  • Barrier-free elevator and bathrooms accommodate handicapped students
  • Air conditioning in all new construction

The additions and renovations are not only improving the students’ quality of education, but also improving the community. The overcrowding is due to the fact that many people want to move to Edison because of the school district. However, if the schools are forced to utilize more trailers and come up with more short-term solutions, less people will want to move to Edison, resulting in the decrease of the value of your home. This referendum will create a better learning environment and continue to positively affect the community.