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Tue March 10 th 2020
12:00PM - 8:00PM

James Madison Intermediate


Students Without Seat

Over the Next 5 Years

The Referendum Plans For

James Madison Intermediate

James Madison Intermediate’s current student enrollment exceeds the state recommended operational capacity by over 150 students. The referendum improvements for James Madison Intermediate would alleviate overcrowding and discontinue the use of the 4 trailers as classrooms.

James Madison Intermediate has a current District Practice Operational Capacity of 514 including its four trailer classrooms. Its enrollment forecast is 617 students, which results in a capacity gap of 103 students. The new rooms shall increase the District Practice capacity to accommodate the capacity gap and improve functional operations.

  • The cafeteria is far over maximum capacity, with over 20 kids per table.
  • A single room is currently being used as a Cafeteria, Auditorium, and Gym.
  • The main office door is hidden from view, so first-time parents struggle to find it.
  • The lobby leads directly to the cafeteria, giving a single access point to all children meeting in a single room. This is a safety issue.
  • The office space makes use of closets, leaving tiny, windowless areas for faculty to work in all day.
  • The band room is in a trailer with no storage, limiting the band to practice all together due to not enough space.
  • The band room and choir room are in joined trailers with no sound barrier, making it distracting and difficult to hold classes in the same period.
  • The entryway to trailers has no protection from the elements, making them slippery and dangerous during rainy or winter weather.
  • 8 general classrooms
  • 3 specialized instructional areas (instructional music classroom, instructional vocal classroom, small group instruction rooms)
  • Updated kitchen and cafeteria
  • New multipurpose gymnasium with stage
  • Improved outdoor areas such as sidewalks, parking, and access to building (including upgraded entry to increase security and a new fire lane for 360˚ school access)
  • Air conditioning in all new construction

The additions and renovations are not only improving the students’ quality of education, but also improving the community. The overcrowding is due to the fact that many people want to move to Edison because of the school district. However, if the schools are forced to utilize more trailers and come up with more short-term solutions, less people will want to move to Edison, resulting in the decrease of the value of your home. This referendum will create a better learning environment and continue to positively affect the community.