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Tue March 10 th 2020
12:00PM - 8:00PM

Edison High School


Students Without Seat

Over the Next 5 Years

The Referendum Plans For

Edison High School

Last year, Edison High School exceeded the state recommended operational capacity by over 60 students. This fall, the overcrowding has swelled to over 200 students and in the next 4-7 years, the projected deficit gap is estimated to be over 400 students. Expanding our school district’s high school building will preserve the quality of our education by maintaining full-day class schedules for our high school students. The referendum will provide Edison High School with strategic renovations and new additions that not only will eliminate overcrowding issues, but also will improve and expand the educational opportunities of our students as they prepare for college and careers in new science labs, technology labs, and classrooms with enhanced learning environments that promote 21st century teaching and learning methodologies.

Edison High School has a current District Practice Operational Capacity of 1,969. Its 10-Year enrollment projection is 2,376 students, which results in a projected capacity gap of 407 students. The new rooms shall increase the District Practice operational capacity to accommodate the capacity gap and improve functional operations. Edison High School will see strategic renovations through the referendum that will not only address current overcrowding issues, but also improve the educational quality of our students as they prepare for college.

  • Multi-staff offices for key faculty members to hold private conversations with students.
  • Nurse’s office triage area currently houses storage and a microwave, making a first response to student emergencies cumbersome.
  • Due to high traffic and bottlenecking, all students’ lunches must be cut early to maintain schedule. This often gives the kids 20 minutes or less to get in line, buy their food, find a seat, eat, then head back to class.
  • The classrooms currently fit 35-37 students in a small classroom that should ideally fit half of that.
  • The gymnasium would hold 60 students and be considered “cramped,” yet currently houses 100-120 student classes.
  • Edison High School’s Arts Programs are continually expanding and winning each year, yet their space to perform and nurture these arts are cramped and limited, often having to use closet space to make up the difference.
  • Edison has invested a lot in imprinting career and life-skills, especially to special needs students, with remarkable results. However, these programs are crunched into spare closets and converted hallways, forcing a space that comfortably fits only a handful of people – accommodating 20 or more. *For children with autism learning life skills, this can be detrimental to their progress moving forward.
  • Edison has invested in its youth health programs by taking away the ‘dodge ball’ mentality of what gym should be and replacing it with life-long habits of fitness. They instill in their student’s success, but current spacing restrictions make recovery and triage support for athletic injury unable to accommodate the number of athletes who currently need help.
  • The NJSIAA rates gyms between 1-5m based on capabilities, safety and size. Edison’s 2,100 student body meets the requirements of a 4 or 5 gym, but the Edison gym’s current rating only meets the requirements of a 1.
  • 15 new classrooms
  • 3 state-of-the-art science laboratories
  • 3 specialized instructional areas (main gymnasium, PE fitness center, and music orchestra)
  • Updated media center (library)
  • Improved atheltic facilities
  • Renovated office, nurse, and guidance suites
  • Cafeteria/commons area with seating for 200
  • Air conditioning in all new construction

The additions and renovations are not only improving the students’ quality of education, but also improving the community. The overcrowding is due to the fact that many people want to move to Edison because of the school district. However, if the schools are forced to utilize more trailers and come up with more short-term solutions, less people will want to move to Edison, resulting in the decrease of the value of your home. This referendum will create a better learning environment and continue to positively affect the community.